Because each project is unique, fees vary according to floorspace and the services requested. An introductory meeting and site tour is required to understand and estimate your needs. Depending on those needs, I offer…

My recommendations and ideas: 6000 RDS (2 heures) - how to organize your space, floor and wall coverings, colors, materials, and lighting…

Spatial re-organization with existing furniture: 1 200 RDS / hour.

Style board: 8 000 RDS (per page) - a photo collage of suggestions for the future project.

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Recommendations + ideas + style board: 12 000 RDS

3D Drawings and views: prices vary according to project complexity.
- custom-made furniture starting at 1200 RDS
- interior views starting at 2500 RDS
- exterior views starting at 2000 RDS

Project design and realization: prices on estimate according to your budget and the volume of work
Projects are carried out in 3 phases:
- First, a conceptual approach defining the project’s main traits in a pre-project brief.
- Next is a detailed project lay-out, that offers a very complete proposal including plans, elevations, drawings of furniture, photo collages, 3D views, and an atmosphere board…
- Finally, implementation of the project: plans for contractors, consultation and follow-up with local builders and craftsmen, work schedule, project monitoring and delivery according to a fixed calendar.

Home staging and/or building site follow-up: Price estimates provided for each individual project according to the volume and duration of work.

To eliminate clutter, depersonalize, organize, and add value to your property so that prospective buyers can easily project themselves into it, thus facilitating its sale. Coordinating the various contributors, monitoring proper execution of the work and the quality of finishings.