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Be Design : Sharing with you the art of better living,
in harmony with your environment and your needs.

yohan-elsa-charlierBe Design is the reflection of two personalities, two imaginative minds that have joined together in their life and work to form an explosive and inventive couple…

Yoann builds, Elsa decorates ! Nature lovers and environmentalists, they create completely original, sleek and contemporary residential projects where interior and exterior become one.

And if their desire for sun and freedom led them to the Dominican Republic in early 2004, they brought along their sense of rigor, which coupled with their artistry makes for a delicious cocktail of natural essences.

Be Design, the art of building…


Whether tucked in among the trees, open onto the beach, or perched on a hilltop, all Be Design building projects take their inspiration from the unique lifestyle dictated by their environment. Every architectural detail is studied according to ethnical, ecological, and philosophical know-how.

Be Design construction sets itself apart by creating bioclimatic villas : treating building as a craft that unites respect for the environment and comfort for users. Living conditions are optimized in the most natural ways possible thanks to renewable energies or innovative building techniques… the keys to our future well-being.


From imagination to creation, from plans to realization, living spaces are revisited, local materials reshaped, and diverse artisans pool their know-how to achieve a new harmony with contemporary decor. And once the external aspects are complete, Be Design will also decorate your interior