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Be Design : innovative real estate projects that respect the tropical environment in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

The concept for our eco-friendly villas was inspired by the principles of Taoist philosophy, and finds its expression in nature. An innovative design with refined lines for a subtle union of classic Asian purity and contemporary forms where exterior and interior are one. Colors and materials conform to the principles of the Feng Shui and encourage a vibrant flow of positive energies.
Be Design villas are characterized by : Zen interiors, simplicity and sobriety, harmony with nature, optimal use of space, minimalism and excellent quality.

Villas Vitao

villavitaoIdeally situated at 300 meters from the beach and the vibrant Fisherman’s Village in Las Terrenas, Vitao villas are built around Taoist philosophy and all the colors and materials used in their construction conform to the principles of Feng Shui and encourage a healthy flow of positive energies (Chi) through the space.

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Quisqueya Residence

quisqueyaThe Taino Indians originally called this island Quisqueya, meaning mother of all lands. In choosing this name, we set out to imagine universal homes with a unique feeling and a tropical design, each carefully adapted to its landscape and respecting high construction standards.

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