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This concept has gone international and attracts more and more consumers. First of all, why make the transformation from a traditional to a green roof ? The answers are simple.

toiture-vegetale-exempleGreen roofs offer a strong resistance to sunlight, unlike a conventional tile or concrete roof. They have an incomparable level of impermeability to both air and water. Whatever the climatic conditions, the surface will not be damaged. Green roofs attain a very high level of acoustic insulation, thanks to the natural insulating properties of the soil. In addition, green roofs provide considerable energy savings. The reverberation of heat from the sun influences the temperature inside housing. As the reverberation decreases, so does the need for air conditioning inside the house. Cities are warmer and denser than rural areas, and green roofs become a great way to cool stifling city centers.
In addition to regulating temperature, green roofs actually improve the quality of life : in particular, they improve air quality because they release more dioxygen, thus reducing the amount of CO2 present in the air. In addition to their technical benefits, these roofs give the house a more organic appearance. They offer a calmer and more peaceful ambiance to cities and help reduce the stress of daily life.
Bringing together sustainable development, comfort, and aesthetics, individual owners and businesses alike will benefit from the fundamental strengths of these roofs. Planting vegetation on the roof is not new. It’s been used since prehistoric times. You’ve probably heard of the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon’and seen real gardens on the terraces of buildings. In several Scandinavian and European countries, green roofs have always been part of the building style.
As the 20th century approached, green roofs gradually became one of the solutions allowing us to preserve the relationship between the city and nature.

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