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Build your villa with Be Design according to best practices in bioclimatic architecture.

Professional craftsmen at your service…

Bioclimatic architecture is the art and expertise of ensuring user comfort through environmentally friendly building techniques. Its goal is to create pleasant living conditions in the most natural ways possible, for example, by using renewable energies like wind turbines or solar panels.

After an in-depth study of your site, its environment, climate, natural risks or even the existing biodiversity, we’ll position your home in the perfect spot with the best orientation, while considering all possible constraints.
Sustainable development, controlled usage, insertion in the environment, natural ventilation and interior comfort are the fundamentals of bioclimatic architecture. The idea is to capture the necessary energy, diffuse it, and above all, conserve it in a way that is natural and environmentally friendly. In parallel, the rule is to limit as much as possible the use of pollution-causing and non-renewable energies.

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