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ecologic-pool-be-design-constructionOur salt water pools with eco-friendly landscaping offer water that is crystal clear, soft, odorless, and doesn’t irritate skin or eyes. Ideal for children, the water’s cleanliness is ensured by electrolysis, a simple and natural process that purifies the water and offers unparalleled comfort while swimming, as well as environmental sustainability. The only product that goes into the water is salt.

The low-consumption electrolyzer chemically transforms the salt - added to the pool - into sodium hypochlorite (natural chlorine). This active chlorine oxidizes and disinfects the water, destroying all algae and germs in the pool.

In total, the pool has a salt concentration ten times lower than seawater. The level of natural chlorine needed is lower than that of chemical chlorine in traditional treatments, so the chlorine odors, eye irritation, allergies, skin dryness, and discoloration of swimwear and hair are all eliminated. Once the chlorine has purified the water, it turns back into salt and the completed cycle begins again. When the chlorine demand increases, the chlorinator automatically increases production, saving you time and money.

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