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water-treatment-be-design-construction-las-terrenasThe raw water (recovered rainwater and runoff) is routed to a biological, slow retro-filtration mini-station. This treatment process disinfects the water to produce drinkable quality in one step, without adding any chemical products and with very low maintenance.
With this system, optimized groundwater is created at the same filtration speed as in the soil and purification results are in phase with wastewater treatment needs in the region including filtration for iron, sulfides, turbidity, and the elimination of bacteria.
Surface water treatment is carried out through simple elimination, using purely biological means to remove high levels of iron and manganese, as well as sulfides and ammonia.
This sophisticated system replaces the need to dig wells that disturb groundwater, reduces electrical costs by using low flow-rate pumps, and makes water safe for consumption. The easy system maintenance can handled by a gardener once a week (simpler than a swimming pool !).

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