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INTRODUCTION TO FENG SHUI… an invitation to well-being

Health, happiness, luck, love… Through its rituals and symbols, combined with a healthy dose of rationality, Feng Shui channels the energies that surround us to make life more beautiful.

Once upon a time…

home-fengshuiThe alliance of wind - Feng - and water - Shui, Feng Shui originated in ancient China, through the observation of nature and the harmonies in landscapes, the elements, and solar and stellar cycles. Its principle is simple : courants of vital energies called Chi (pronounced Chee) circulate through the Earth. If we structure our environment, and most importantly our home, in harmony with these courants of energy, it will have a beneficial impact in our life.
Chinese folk wisdom illustrates this life philosophy with common sense, stating that it is well-doing that leads to well-being. We should act gently and attentively on our living environment - making it a reflection of ourselves - to achieve fullness and inner happiness.

The art of living in harmony

The essence of Feng Shui thus speaks to each person in a universal manner. Prosperity, happiness, luck, longevity, understanding in your couple, a happy family life… Feng Shui embodies with simplicity all these conscious or unconscious aspirations and inner desires.
feng-shuiFeng Shui is not a question of beliefs.
It is not a religion or even a choice.
Feng Shui is a science, a method, a technique – it is based on a coherent set of guidelines that interpret the Chinese vision of the universe.
It suggests organizing one’s personal space to take advantage of the multiple positive energies that circulate through the environment.
The harmony between man and environment is perceived through the understanding of three basic principles : THE CIRCULATION OF CHI, YIN AND YANG, THE FIVE ELEMENTS.

The power of Chi

Feng Shui teaches us that habitat acts like a mirror, like our double, working in osmosis with its occupant. Every modification to the environment reflects back upon the occupant. In this way we can choose to increase the feeling of calm and well-being, strengthen the sense of security, or even inject a drop of stimulating energy into our living environment. If there are as many possible atmospheres as there are different personalities, Feng Shui always relies on the essential component of Chi.
chimaisonChi is the network of cosmic energies that nourish the Earth, and are nourished by it in return. They run through mountains, oceans, forests, deserts, the depths of the Earth’s layers, and the meanders of the sky, but also through the minds and bodies of all living beings and inanimate objects.
These courants of energy blend their characteristics, and strengthen each other without limit.
The dark side of Chi, the Sha or destructive energy is the exact opposite, the flux of negative energies.
Its sources can be found in excess, and in organizations that go against nature : rooms that are too dark or too light, sharp angles, cramped supports, and clutter are so many harmful elements for which Feng Shui offers luminously simple solutions.

Yin & Yang

yin-yangTo promote synergy between body, spirit, and living environment by removing blockages and uniting the cosmic forces present, Feng Shui encourages us to observe all things with attention and understanding.
Intimately mixed within the Chi, the opposing currents of Yin and Yang interpenetrate and complement each other in all things, the contrary powers of this couple must find their balance.
The black half spotted with white, the feminine impulse Yin, is flexible and imaginative. The white half spotted with black, Yang, symbolizes the male, bright and eager.
The alliance between day and night, life and death, Yin and Yang can never be separated. And if they embody the greatest contradictions of our world, they are above all the reflection of balance, which is based on a vital diversity.

The Five Elements

5-elements-fenshuiIf the Chi energies and the Yin/Yang duo are the pillars to mastering Feng Shui, it also relies upon the critical theory of the five elements. In creating Feng Shui, the wise men were inspired by their observation of nature, the course of time, and its effects on each thing. The eternal rebirth of our world was symbolized by the five traditional elements : water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. Each element is an integral part of a cycle that can either be seen as creation or, on the other hand, control.
Thus, through its ashes, fire nourishes the Earth, but also controls metal, which it can shape or melt.
In relation with the cardinal directions, the five elements can show us how Chi energy flows and the most favorable combinations for each room of your home.