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Major trends in interior decorating in recent years …


This year, two major trends to combine at whim…

hygge-webThe Scandinavian style HYGGE, (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah, meaning contentedness), is a lifestyle particular to Danish culture in which charming moments of friendship and coziness are continually rubbing elbows.

Simple and convivial interiors enrich our daily lives: a comfy nook for reading or dreaming; soft, multiple lighting using table lamps, hanging bulbs, strings of lights or candles; black and white; geometric shapes and refined graphic patterns; quilted and padded fabrics; and above all: a generous and informal conviviality.

ethnique-2017Ethnic style, is inspired by every country and invites the craftwork and objects brought back from various travels to permeate deeper into our interior decorating.

The colors are warm and autumnal: blue, flax, camel. Materials are pre-owned, aged over time, while textiles are multiple and original: Berber and boucherouite rugs (from Morocco), simple ethnic motif cushions, Japanese inspired dishes, and the latest arrivals on the scene: Eastern European rugs and WAX designs, inspired by African Dutch Wax prints, that illuminate our decor and add color to our interior.


decoration-trends-2016-1Just like last year, the movement in interior decorating is toward nature, with sober and natural designs, and colors that provide warmth and accentuate the furniture.

The new trend is toward natural wood furniture that shows careful attention to aestetics and finishings. The same thing applies to fabrics: linen, wool, and cotton blend into the decor.

Sewn, knitted, or woven, it’s all a matter of taste. Old and new cohabit in perfect harmony.
decoration-trends-2016-2The trend is toward room separators, that can be tucked away to create larger, more open spaces. These can be furnishings or decorative elements such as curtains.

Flashy patterns and geometric shapes are not to be snubbed. Triangular textile patterns and hexagon-shaped boxes and clocks are a must-have. You can add vases, window-shades, or throws, and play with forms to create a natural yet unique design.



Trends this year are cheerful, colorful, elegant, and refined. A generous cocktail with a drop of magic to bring a sparkle to your eye.

From mish-mash to refinement, we throw everything together and stir. Materials and styles meet, marry, and fuse without fear. Enough with the dogmas, we can be Bohemian, classic, and vintage all at once in our own living room.

And then we’re not afraid of refinement either. Decoration, in the noblest sense of the term, comes back home.

decoration-trends-2015-2We dare to compose an interior with chic standing lamps and deep textures, wood is onmipresent along with shiny brass, rustic canvas, or precious velvet, rich colors, blues, greens, oranges, pinks, and a variety of flea market and design accessories.

What disappears… The rhythms in decorating are not the same as in fashion. What we loved yesterday, we still love just a little bit today. Nonetheless, slowly but surely, the baby blues and pinks fade away into nothingness.

These shades are reinterpreted with a touch of grey to give them density. In the same way, the industrial style embraces its gentler side, offering more comfort and softness.


tendance-decoration-2014-2Dreamlike, this year’s designs takes flight …

Sea breezes: from pastel to festive, greens and blues are to be seen everywhere. They lend their energy and refreshing intensity to the decor. We use them from the sofa to the bedside lamp, passing through all their nuances from mellow to bold.

tendance-decoration-2014-1Ultra-soft: pastel, dusty, or fading colors and natural motifs, rounded shapes, soft materials, anything that envelopes you in calm and relaxation, everything that offers a small note of sweetness.

Quirky poetic: evoking far away lands, illusions and mind games, surrealism… your decor enjoys itself with pokes at poetry to bring a touch of fantasy to your living room or bedroom.


This year is dedicated to nature - a strong trend in recent years that now appears in all parts of the house.
decoration-trends-2013Wood is left rough, materials are natural and design, such as jute, flax, or bamboo, but colors also make a comeback, they are flashy, even neon, in contrast to pastels.

The growing eco-design trend becomes a lifestyle.

We don’t throw things away, we transform them with a responsible and civic approach.

Thus, a vintage style imposes itself more and more in our world.


decoration-trends-2012Constrained by crises, we are forced to look at decorating in different ways. We choose our products more carefully, and above all, learn to give them a second life.

This need for re-use gave rise to the flea market and DIY crazes. The art of non-matching (very chic!), of accumulating and personalizing has bright days ahead!

We transform, repaint, hunt for secondhand treasures, and find new uses for old furniture and accessories.

This joyful mixity brings a little touch of retro charm and makes our interior unique!