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It is a land to be desired, and once attained, to never leave.
Christopher Columbus, letter to Luis de Santangel, March 1493

More than words… more than a dream… pure happiness to share : Las Terrenas is paradise on Earth !

Give it a try, come spend some time in Las Terrenas on the Samana peninsula. You’ll find a little corner of paradise, a timeless place that you’ll fall in love with the moment you arrive.

What you will not find in Las Terrenas is big resorts or hotel complexes. Nor will you find any of the tourist traps so prevalent in the capital or Punta Cana. You’ll find a place that is authentic, with idyllic beaches everywhere you look, amazing excursions including an afternoon with the humpback whales in mating season, the perpetual good humor of local people, and a relaxing daytime atmosphere that turns festive as the sun goes down !

Adopt the ZEN Attitude : with an easy and sure investement !

The Dominican Republic is an internationally renowned vacation destination that receives over 3 million visitors each year.

The little town of Las Terrenas, surrounded by endless kilometers of untouched and primitive beaches, has become an important focal point for investment thanks to international media coverage, the ease of acquiring property, tax benefits, and important works that have been recently completed or are in progress, such as :

El Catey international airport (40 min. from Las Terrenas) operational since 2007.

Samana highway, which opened in 2008, reducing travel time between the capital (Santo Domingo) and Las Terrenas to a mere 2 hours.

A number of spas and beach activities (surfing, kite surf, wind surf, tennis, …)

A truly impressive variety of restaurants and supermarkets, with a huge array of national and international products to choose from.

International quality hotels.

The country’s stable political climate and beneficial tax situation, along with the rapid expansion of tourism and related services in the Dominican Republic, offers an excellent return on investment.

Its legislation is based on the Napoleonic code, or the French system of law. It is very easy for foreigners to buy property in the Dominican Republic, as they have the same rights as Dominicans under national law.

Decree 21-98 of 8 January 1998

Your property acquisition is guaranteed by a notarized act, filed with the local Land Registry Tribunal (equivalent to the cadaster), following this you will receive a property title in your name, or eventually the name of a company you may decide to create. Tax exemption regulations have changed, and with the goal of attracting foreign investors to touristic areas, all companies are exempt from national and municipal taxes for a minimum period of three years.

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