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Energy. Vitality. The very essence of all life. The power of PRANA flows through these villas open onto the exterior. They will be a source of interior well-being and harmony with nature.

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Prana - Las Terrenas


3 bedrooms, 2 baths, private pool and tropical garden.

Total construction : 166 m² + terrace 14 m²

Ground floor : 97 m² built area + pool and deck / Upper floor : 39 m² built area + terrace

Price 275 000 USD


4 villas delivered, 2 villas under construction for delivery in April 2021.

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A/ Construction details for 3 bedroom villa : 113 m².

  • Construction on ventilated underfloor space / Reinforced concrete slab
  • Installation of reserve water tanks and wastewater drainage, grease converter and retro-filtration
  • Construction of walls using 6 ” cement blocks, cabinets and dividing walls using 4’’cement blocks
  • Ground floor roof in reinforced concrete, upper floors in polystyrene panels and concrete, natural cane covering
  • Wooden flower boxes and decoration on the terrace roofs
  • Electrical installation 110V and 220V according to local regulations
  • Wired for reception of cable television and Internet.
  • Ductwork for air-conditioning circuits in the 3 bedrooms
  • Plumbing network in high-pressure plastic tubing
  • Smooth wall finishings and coatings both inside and outside / first base coat white 00 + colors of your choice
  • Installation of waxed concrete floors, light gray
  • All woodwork (doors, windows, cabinets, closets, and shelves) in Arena Cedar (imported exotic wood) /Door and window mountings in stainless steel

B/ Interior building details :

  • Living room and patio :
    • Metal staircase with steps made of Arena Cedar (imported wood).
    • 2 shelves under TV panel.
    • 4 sliding glass doors with wooden frame (main entrance), and two sliding doors by the dining table, track mounted
  • Kitchen and bar :
    • Counter tops around stove and sink in charcoal gray Marmolina
    • Woodwork : drawers, shelves and doors in natural Arena Cedar
    • Double bowl, stainless steel sink with mixer faucet and drain rack
  • 2 downstairs bedrooms :
    • Fitted closets with 2 or 3 openwork doors (clothes rod + 5 shelves)
  • 1 shared full bath :
    • Sculpted stone basins made of Marmolina + mixer tap + 1 mirror
    • Italian showers, stucco walls, pebble floor, shower mixer faucet
    • Shelf in Arena Cedar
  • 1 master bedroom upstairs :
    • Fitted closet with 4 openwork doors (clothes rod + 5 shelves)
  • 1 full bath :
    • 1 large sculpted stone basins made of Marmolina + mixer tap + 1 mirror
    • Italian shower, stucco walls, pebble floor, shower mixer faucet.
    • Shelf in Arena Cedar
  • Finishings :
    • All woodwork in Arena Cedar / locks, hinges, door handles and stops in stainless steel.
    • Bedroom windows protected by decorative metal bars/designs
  • Electricity :
    • Simon brand light switches and outlets
    • Electrical outlets for 110V (American standard) and 220V (European standard)
    • Fans in each bedroom, 1 in the living room and 1 on the terrace (KDK brand, white)
    • TV outlet in living room and 1 per bedroom
    • Telephone/Internet outlet in the living room
    • Encrusted spots for LED lights
    • Wall-mounted light fixtures with fittings

C/ Details of external structures : 53 m² + landscaped terrace 14 m²

  • Ground floor : 17 m² of covered patio floor in tinted and treated pine
  • Upper floor : large terrace with 6 m² of concrete roof and a 13 m² sundeck bordered with tropical plants.
  • Approximately 200 m² of entirely landscaped garden : tropical plants, rock paths / outdoor faucet for watering
  • Swimming pool, area 20 m², depth 1.4m, walls and steps in reinforced concrete with tinted Marmolina finishing. compound. Decorative wall and potted plants with adjoining outdoor shower. Tech room 3 m².
  • Pool deck, 10 m² area in treated, tinted pine with protective coating (OMAR products) mounted on a cement slab and floor joists


  • 8 solar panels installed on the highest point of the roof (master bedroom) supply power for the pool and exterior lighting
  • Salt water pool filtration system, including 1 sterilizer, 1 sand filter, 1 pump, 1 pool light + transformer and daily filtration regulator, 1 skimmer, 4 injectors, 1 vacuum intake and 1 main drain. Tubing and couplings in high-pressure PVC


Interior options

  • Appliances : kitchen + TV (see EMB catalogue, stainless steel kit approx. 5000 usd)
  • Decoration and furnishing on personal estimate. Completely furnished : dishes, bath accessories, beds and fittings, lights, pillows, vases, frames, mirrors… 20 000 usd for a 3 bedroom house.
  • Low consumption air conditioning, 12 btu : 1400 USD per unit (including window insulation)
  • Other : grid/battery inverter, decorative ironwork, etc… estimate on request


Exterior options

  • Expansion of the terrace pergola in treated, tinted pine : 300 usd/m2
  • Deck extension per m2 : treated, aged pine 190 usd/ Coralina 210 usd (backfill 50 cm) / IPE 280 usd / recycled plastic 300 usd
  • Jacuzzi 4 persons : 5800 usd
  • Additional solar panels, automatic gate, etc… estimate on request



  • Individual entrance with garage door.
  • Private parking : Metal roof and structure in treated Pine - gravel floor.
  • Trash room and technical room, access from the public road.


Invest lightly, let the breath of life carry you… PRANA

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The estimated time for completed works is 8 months, at that time and following signature of the final bill of sale, you will receive the documents attesting to legalization of your individual plot on the land registry and certified by a title deed.

Payment conditions :

  • 10 % Reservation : study with personalized plans. Validation of plans : approx. 2 months.
  • 35 % Beginning of work : foundations for villa, pool + septic. Construction of villa to roof : approx. 3 months.
  • 25 % Pouring roof and pool walls, coverings : approx. 2 months.
  • 25 % Finishings : floors, woodwork, electricity, bathrooms, painting - ext : deck, coatings, etc, : approx. 3 months
  • 5 % Delivery of keys.