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Quisqueya Villas, a unique housing development comprised of villas that marry Carribbean style and contemporary forms.

projet-quisqueya-1We set out to imagine a universal home with a unique feeling : These tropical villas were designed by an Argentinian architecture studio, and each one was carefully adapted to its landscape and realised respecting the same construction standards.

The architectural harmony of the residence relies on a combination of flat roofsprojet-quisqueya-2covered by an angular structure of palm leaves.
The villas are open to nature and blend typical Caribbean style with contemporary forms : pure lines mix delicately with open archways.

The interior spaces are organised around a patio, open to natural light and breezes. The wrought iron decorations inspired by plant life offer both charm and added security.

projet-quisqueya-3A composition of local materials.
All woodwork is done in Cigua (similar to acacia), the floors and coatings are polished cement in neutral colors, and decorative elements are created with incrustations of wood, pebbles, iron and Coraline stone.