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Villas Vitao, the first eco-housing project in Las Terrenas


Only one villa still on the market – Casa Natura

Completely equipped and furnished, ready to live in or rent. Price : 270 000 USD

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vitao-project-01Pagoda roofs with uncluttered style, a subtle association of traditional Asia with contemporary forms, where exterior and interior spaces are one. Inspired by the principles of Taoist philosophy, the Vitao Villas concept expresses itself in nature. Both relaxing and ecological, a swimming pool of crystal pure water is treated only with salt (no chemical contributions) and provides a unique sensation of softness and comfort.

Particular care was given to space and natural light. The wood and glass fenestration is ingenious and generous ; the smooth, white-tinted floors contribute to the harmony of spaces and provide a contemporary look. The interior is sophisticated, but not showy, with 8 ft. high walls painted in neutral colors (beige, taupe, grey), for warm and relaxing rooms. vitao-project-02

Built with the highest quality materials (solid American Oak), the vast and functional kitchen offers its users a dynamic and serene experience.
Kitchens are fully equipped with your choice of three complete sets of appliances including a 4/5 gas burner stove top, extractor hood, built-in oven, refrigerator and dishwasher.

vitao-project-03Softness and comfort are everywhere you look ; spacious bedrooms offer just the right storage spaces, furniture is specially designed and built by Be Design and complemented with useful and elegant lighting. Colors and materials conform to the principles of the Feng Shui and encourage a vibrant flow of positive energies.vitao-project-04

Bathroom designs are inspired by straight contemporary lines. Natural wood separations, vast open showers using glass and smooth cement offer relaxation and well being. The high quality fixtures and accessories and framed mirrors will seduce amateurs of uncluttered spaces and refined finishing touches.

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Bioclimatic homes, when ecology becomes a source of savings !

Soft and appropriate insertion in the environment. To make the most of the natural elements (sun, rain, wind…), while offering protection from the tropical heat, our houses are positioned facing north or east.
The flat concrete roofs are surmounted by a decorative structure of palms to offer shade and keep temperatures low.

The foundations offer quality insulation to keep the homes cool and at the same time protect them from ground humidity thanks to the inclusion of a crawl space.

Solar electrical production. Concealed on the flat pergola roofs, far from prying eyes, 6 solar panels collect energy and distribute it through a power inverter.

Water treatment of your own surface well. Raw water is channeled to a mini station for slow, biological retro-filtration. This treatment disinfects the water and provides drinking water in a single step, without no addition of chemicals and a very low maintenance.

For more information, visit the page Building your house with Be Design.